Things you shouldn't forget to do before moving

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Moving is hard, challenging and especially if it involves some bad process such as home repossession it's not easy for anyone to keep everything in one hand. Therefore we thought to enlist a couple of must-dos you ought to check through before moving.

1. Informing your energy suppliers about your move

And let them know where you move, this way you may keep all the contract intact, only the address and the prices are likely to be changed. You should start this process at least a month before moving, to make sure you will have warm water, electricity and most importantly internet and cable TV. Internet companies generally have no problem with your moving, they will simply note your new address and migrate you to that address,

2. You need to inform everyone official or unofficial that your address is to change

Including your local post office, to ensure your letters will not get in the hands of the new owner. As this process is still rather young, there are smaller mistakes when it comes to making it come true. Start informing everyone at least 2 weeks before moving. This way chances are way higher that your letters will in fact arrive to you and not to the neighbor. Other remarkable parties include the school or schools of your kids, offices, workplace, energy suppliers, etc.

3. Do not buy any perishable items a week before moving out

Most people actually forget that they have a whole fridge that they need to empty and clean before moving. And this is a pretty demanding task, especially if your fridge is large, it's full and it has a larger freezer section too. Did you know that it takes days for the freezer to actually unfreeze? Especially if you were lazy with the closing of its door and it's growing large, unwanted ice cubes? Start unfreezing and unpacking at least 3-4 days before moving so that you have a clean fridge.

4. Wash everything that's washable or needs to be washed

This way you make sure you don't have dirty clothes in and out of the washing machine and that you can also pack the basket you store the washables in as well. Also don't forget to collect all the dried clothes from the clothesline before you close the door and drop the keys.

5. Get cords, cables and all things which can be plugged

If you have a complex TV system, surround system or anything that works with electricity, chances are, that you will be way too tired to sort them all out. Therefore buy some plugs to use for lamps and other electric appliances for the first few nights.

6. Moving a bed?

Move it carefully. Moving is one of the most tiring things you can do and by the time you're all moved in to your new place, you'll be ready for a solid nights sleep. It isn't just the frame you need to remember either, make sure you take your bed slats and any pieces to secure them to the frame with you.

7. Pack a whole lot of cleaning materials in a separate bag

No matter how clean it looks like you are almost sure to clean non-stop at least for a day. Paxck the cleansing set separately, so that you can startup before the night falls.