Top 10 tips to improve your home's appeal for buyers

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These tips and tricks serve to improve your home's kerb appeal for buyers. We have intentionally tried to select such activities which won't cost you much of any money , so you don't really need to invest any extra unless you want to. This list rather serves as a checklist, to make sure your home looks its very best for the time it's being showed for potential buyers.

  1. Landscape your garden – trim the grass, get or enhance the nice plants over there or get a small waterfall with a garden furniture set.
  2. Work your entrance door area: put two elegant or nice looking potted plants or bushes on the two sides of your entrance door. If you have the means to have it repainted to an attractive color, then do it so.
  3. Update the lights in and outside your home and change your entrance rug to a new one too.
  4. Make sure your entrance hall looks as clean and spacey as possible. The most ideal color here is white or beige walls which you can refresh with some cheaper but nice looking colored carpets
  5. Update the lighting inside your home. This goes for the place where the lights are located and also for the overall quality of lighting.
  6. If your doorknobs are used, have them changed. Make sure all doors and windows open and close without an issue
  7. Declutter hard: this should always be the starting step. Most of us are aware of the fact that we keep at least twice as many things in our home than we would ever need. Make sure buyers will not see any of this and make them dissappear. The main areas of decluttering should include the closets, the kitchen, the entrance area, the bedrooms and any storage space. Do not haul the garage with all the things you don't want people to see, as many people would like to see the garage.
  8. Make sure everything is as clean as possible from the walls to the windows. If you don't have the time then call for professional help or call some friends over.
  9. Have heavily used furniture taken away and leave everything at a storage space if you still need them. If you don't need them, have them dropped out or donate them to a charity.
  10. Use this time for preparing for your move too. Decluttering and packing just the perfect set for you to start packing your own stuff, before moving out.
  11. Clear the home from all your very personal or valuable things. And make sure no visitor can spot them, especially when it comes to valuables. Don't forget: the devil never sleeps and burglars can also visit your Open House event, in case you receive anyone also those coming in from the street.

We hope all these tips can help you work your property's value and improve its quality. As for the precautions, those are always great to keep, especially if you want your home to be sold quickly due to home repossession or other legal procedure.